Arvind Satyanarayan
Hi, I'm Arvind Satyanarayan.

I'm a Computer Science PhD candidate at Stanford University, working with Jeff Heer and the Interactive Data Lab. My research seeks to lower the threshold for design, with a focus on data visualization. I'm also an advisor for Apropose, Inc., a Bay Area startup I co-founded to build data-driven web design tools.

I graduated from UC San Diego, where I worked with Jim Hollan to study interactions with wall-sized displays. At UCSD's Revelle College, I helped create an internship program and served as Senator, Resident Advisor, and Orientation Leader.

Years ago, I wrote plugins and tutorials for Movable Type, and helped fork Melody.

Featured Projects

New interaction primitives backed by a streaming+reactive dataflow architecture to manipulate data and encodings declaratively.

Lyra enables constructing D3-calibre visualizations through direct manipulation, no programming required! Try it »

A platform for scaleable design mining to understand design demographics, and support data-driven design tools.

Other Projects

A model of storytelling abstractions, and a graphical interface for authoring narrative visualizations. Try it »

Large display screens and mobile applications to help attendees browse CHI 2013 video previews and personalize the schedule.

A superimposed interface to constrain interaction, focus attention, and facilitate multiple users with wall-sized displays.



May 16–June 4ExSitu, INRIA, Saclay, France
Apr 24–26OpenVis Conf, Boston, MA
Oct 25–30IEEE VIS, Chicago, IL
Sep 15BiD Seminar, Berkeley, CA
Apr 12–13Intel (Big Data ISTC), Chandler, AZ