Arvind Satyanarayan
Hi, I'm Arvind Satyanarayan.

I'm a Computer Science PhD candidate at Stanford University, working with Jeff Heer and the Interactive Data Lab. My research seeks to lower the threshold for design, with a focus on data visualization. I'm also an advisor for Apropose, Inc., a Bay Area startup I co-founded to build data-driven web design tools.

I graduated from UC San Diego, where I worked with Jim Hollan to study interactions with wall-sized displays. At UCSD's Revelle College, I helped create an internship program and served as Senator, Resident Advisor, and Orientation Leader.

Years ago, I wrote plugins and tutorials for Movable Type, and helped fork Melody.

Featured Projects

New interaction primitives backed by a streaming+reactive dataflow architecture to manipulate data and encodings declaratively.

Lyra enables constructing D3-calibre visualizations through direct manipulation, no programming required! Try it »

A platform for scaleable design mining to understand design demographics, and support data-driven design tools.

Other Projects

A model of storytelling abstractions, and a graphical interface for authoring narrative visualizations. Try it »

Large display screens and mobile applications to help attendees browse CHI 2013 video previews and personalize the schedule.

A superimposed interface to constrain interaction, focus attention, and facilitate multiple users with wall-sized displays.



June 6–10EuroVis, Groningen, Netherlands
May 16–June 4ExSitu, INRIA, Saclay, France
Apr 24–26OpenVis Conf, Boston, MA
Oct 25–30IEEE VIS, Chicago, IL
Sep 15BiD Seminar, Berkeley, CA
Apr 12–13Intel (Big Data ISTC), Chandler, AZ